PoloSuite - four statistical modules in one software package. For Windows or Mac. Buy yours today!

$ 200.00 $ 395.00

LeOra Software Company developed computer software in the late 1980's for analyzing quantal response bioassays using probit or logit regression analyses.  The software was called PoloPC, and it was written in the ancient language of Fortran. The software was later updated to PoloPlus software written in C. The newest version of the software was written in Java by a team of 5 programmers with a passion for quantitative analyses and problem solving.

The Original PoloPlus software Is available for purchase. It is mounted on a USB drive , so it works well with any Windows version. Sorry, not available for Mac.

*In one of the upgrades, the Help File was not attached to the installer. You can download the Help File here.

PoloSuite is on sale for $200 -  over $175 off the regular price! Offer Expires October 31, 2020.